Sign the declaration to stop the new Canadian militarism


Prime Minister Trudeau plans on continuing Stephen Harper’s plans to militarize Canada.

Under the Conservatives, military spending reached its highest levels since World War II, including expanding Canadian military bases around the world. We need to stop this new Canadian militarism.

The Canada First Defence Strategy was the Conservatives’ blueprint for military spending of $490 billion by 2028 – nearly half a trillion dollars! Prime Minister Trudeau has said that his government will replace this plan, but maintain the historically high spending levels.

Wasting money on weapons will not create security. Real security is only possible when the people of the world can meet their basic needs. Sadly, Trudeau’s Liberals plan to continue the Conservatives increased funding for the things we need the least, while decreasing funding for the things we need the most.

We, the undersigned, believe that money earmarked for military spending must be reallocated to social and environmental programs: to protect jobs and pensions, preserve public healthcare and education, and create a green economy.

Furthermore, we oppose any attempts by the government to expand Canadian militarism abroad or to entrench it in Canadian society.

» Click here to Sign the Declaration

Initial signatories include:

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians
Sid Ryan, President, Ontario Federation of Labour
Judy Rebick, Author, Journalist, Activist
Winnie Ng, Sam Gindin Chair for Social Justice and Democracy, Ryerson University
Cathy Crowe, Nurse, Housing Activist
James Loney, Author
David Fennario, Actor, Playwright

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