Media Coverage


The Human Cost of Killer Drones | December 9
Go to bed … or I’ll call in the drones! | December 3
Ottawa protest urges ‘Hands Off Syria’ | October 1
Vigils held across the world against possible war in Syria | September 7
‘Hands off Syria’ message at rally in Ottawa | September 1
Ottawa Peace Assembly and allies protest possible war on Syria | August 31
Rally for political resolution to Syrian crisis Saturday in downtown Ottawa | August 30
Uniting in common causes for peace and prosperity, not war and austerity | January 25


Pro-Palestinian protestors call for peace | November 20
‘Let Iraq war resisters stay’ Canadians tell Prime Minister | September 5
‘Don’t attack Iran!’ Five lessons from the Iraq war | March 20
Protests launch campaign to stop war on Iran | March 9


George Galloway wraps up speaking tour in Ottawa | November 25
Ottawa demonstrators denounce Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla | June 16
George Galloway: leaked papers reveal Canada’s torment over banning MP | The Guardian, April 21


Malalai Joya: No choice but to speak | Ottawa Citizen, November 24
25,000 Tamil protesters set to take Hill | Ottawa Sun, April 19
Tamils gain supporters at Ottawa protest | April 18
CTV | Ottawa Peace Assembly and CUPW call for ceasefire in Sri Lanka
Macleans | Live from New York… George Galloway (again)
Ottawa Citizen | Canada denies fiery British MP entry into country
News 1130 | British MP Galloway to speak via video after court leaves Canada entry ban
Metro Ottawa | Banned British MP to remain on speakers schedule for April event, organizers say | Yes We Can end the war in Afghanistan


CTV | The Ottawa Peace Assembly Remembers the victims of Nagasaki | August 10
Malalai Joya: a victim of Canadian hypocrisy | May 21
Hundreds march against military mission in Afghanistan | March 16 | Why we must march against war | March 14

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