Expanding foreign military bases serves Harper’s war agenda, says the Canadian Peace Alliance

For Immediate release
June 7, 2011

The Canadian Peace Alliance condemns the announcement by the Harper government of a series of deals to establish foreign military bases for Canada. This was a policy that has been in the works for some time but, like so much else about Canada’s foreign policy, it was completely excluded from the discussion during the recent federal election.

The idea of expanding foreign military bases for Canada goes against the wishes of the vast majority of Canadians. With the Harper government set to make a series of cuts to public services and spending generally, one of the few areas where they seem intent on spending even more is on war and militarism.

Last week, Peter MacKay admitted that Canada had already made agreements for bases in Germany and Jamaica, and were in talks with Kuwait and a number of other countries. MacKay stated that the focus was on increasing the Canadian military’s “capability for expeditionary participation in international missions.” MacKay noted that Canada has already “become a go-to nation in response to situations” like Libya and Haiti.

The new overseas bases are designed to increase Canada’s ability to play leading roles in future military interventions. Taken together with the Harper government’s policy of acquiring costly new F-35 fighter jets, and an ongoing policy of expanding Canadian Special Forces, this policy of expanding overseas operation bases is lock step with its exporting of militarism rather than human rights and aid.

It was Canadian Special Forces, the secretive Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), who participated in the 2004 coup against the elected government of Haiti, securing the airport in Port-au-Prince from which President Aristide was taken out of the country by US Forces. The war in Afghanistan is also increasingly being fought with Special Forces.

The announcement about new foreign bases came at the same time as a request to keep Canadian Forces on the ground in Richelieu, Quebec to help with flood relief was being ignored. The Harper government continues to encourage costly and unnecessary deployments of the Forces abroad, while showing little interest in using its resources at home for disaster relief.

Foreign bases have nothing to do with Canadian security, and everything to do with the Harper government’s desire to be able to participate in future military aggressions like the ones ongoing in Afghanistan and Libya.


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