Protect Human Rights in Sri Lanka, Prominent Canadians to tell Harper as Parliament Resumes

OTTAWA / April 17 – Prominent Canadians will hold a press conference the day Parliament resumes to demand the Harper government, and all Members of Parliament, act immediately to protect human rights and promote peace in Sri Lanka. The federal government’s call for a ceasefire has been ignored by Sri Lanka, and many Canadians feel it is time for Canada to send a much stronger message: recall Canada’s ambassador and apply economic sanctions to Sri Lanka.

WHAT: Press conference to call on Canada to push for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka
WHEN: 10:30am, Monday, April 20, 2009
WHERE: Charles Lynch Room, 130S Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa
SPEAKERS: Representatives from labour, peace, and student organizations and from the Tamil community


Dylan Penner, Ottawa Peace Assembly,